How The Music Of ‘Final Fantasy’ Inspires Me When I’m Feeling Down

The Grammys are upon us, so the team here at Creators Media have challenged us to write about music (which is quite funny as my last article was about music too!). We’ve been challenged to write about a particular song that resonates with a seminal moment in our lives. However, I’m not the most exciting of people, nor am I a big music guy, so when I thought about a particular song and a certain moment, it didn’t go so well.

I wracked my brain thinking of ideas, but ultimately my thinking was all for naught until I thought of this: I’m a big fan of the Final Fantasy series of games, and I’ve often used the music to inspire me when I’ve needed it. Ever since I got my first iPod, I have always had some Final Fantasy music on there ready to play, and it certainly came in useful. This may have been during college when I needed help to write those last few hundred words of my dissertation; I even listened to some of the music on my iPod before I did my fourth dan in front of eight of the best karate teachers in the world in Japan.

But just what is it that inspires me?

A Piece For All Occasions

One of the things I love the most about the Final Fantasy series is that none of the games are the same. Each installment in the series is different from the previous one (direct sequels such as Final Fantasy X-2 notwithstanding), each telling its own story in its own world with its own characters. As a result, each game has its own themes and tone with a soundtrack to match.